One Time…,

One Time…,

Received a phone call last night from a dear friend letting me know that our mutual buddy from thirty-five years ago was found dead in his home at fifty-six years of age.

Heartbreak city.

Cause of death unknown as of this writing.

I’ll be at the funeral Friday but I’m telling one and all right now that we must live in the moment.

There is nothing else.

Love as much as you can.

Forgive as much as you can.



One Time…,

Well, well, well

Mr. Trump.

I’m speechless.

Mr. Sanders.

You did well.

Now it is time to support Hillary.

One Time…,

Do you believe what is happening in our world?

To our world?

I think Dusty Springfield had it right.

What the world needs now, is love.

Sweet love.