One Time…,

One Time…,

Three weeks ago I wrote a couple of sentences about the Mayor of San Diego and his sexual harassment of women, charges that he denied. I am delighted to note that Mayor Bob Filner will be the ex-mayor as he will announce his resignation this afternoon.


One Time…,

Another front page story coming from the San Diego area that has my blood percolating is the Hannah Anderson saga, the sixteen year old girl who was kidnapped after her abductor, a family friend who she called Uncle Jim, killed her mother and eight year old brother.

Then shanghaied her to the wilderness in Idaho.

The implication from numerous media outlets that she was complicit and that they were lovers is unfounded and reeks of tabloid journalism. Let the young girl grieve and heel.

I might be naive but I don’t believe for a second she was involved in the gruesome murders of her mother and eight year old brother.

One Time…,

Look upwards and inwards today/everyday! Find your light and stay there!


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