One time…,

One Time…,

I love New York.

And I love New Yorkers.

But Anthony Weiner as your Mayor?

You gotta be kidding…,




One Time…,

One Time…,

I just read this mornings paper and there was mention of the passing of JJ Cale, the songwriter/guitar player who wrote the Eric Clapton hits, “Cocaine” and “After Midnight.” 

He didn’t seek notoriety  and lived a humble life, a quality in my opinion that is more attractive than any gift of beauty or talent, his management team released this statement on his behalf.

“There are no immediate plans for services. Donations are not needed but he was a great lover of animals so, if you like, you can remember him with donations to your favorite local animal shelter.”

Rest in Peace, Mr. Cale.

After all, Heaven isn’t Heaven without our pets!



One Time…,

One Time…,

How much longer does Guantanamo stay open?

The prison is a stain on our national psyche.

We are better than that.

Shut it down.

One Time…,

Stay true to yourself.

And keep your heart open.

We’re all brothers and sisters.

Sure, we have family issues.

But let go of the past.

It’s too debilitating to hold on to the negative.